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    DNS Issues (Intermittent)

    I am trying to setup my domain and nameservers correctly. Unfortunately, my current provider ( can not provide the service I require for setting up my own nameservers on the domain

    I am trying to currently get my DNS syystem working corretly, but having a few problems. Temporarily, I am using Zoneedit for the domain name, and trying to point the subdomain to point towards my servers DNS service. It appears to be working correctly... however, every know and then the following page shows there was a timeout while querying the DNS server:

    Can anyone provide any help? Do you need to see my DNS record entries for the domain and the server (running plesk).

    Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Currently in the process of moving the domain to Enom, where I can create custom nameservers. Much better option
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    If you are using the UK2 service, you can also create custom nameservers. the logicboxes interface calls this feature "child nameservers"

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    I'm going to stay well clear of UK2 I found their support abysmal. Not to mention their poor terms and conditions (in my opinion).

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