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    Any free software for Openforum's

    Hi All,

    I am planning to start a Open Forum on Tech stuff's.
    I wan to make my website like the ask(dot)com where users post question, solutions to questions on there own and on the other hand you can also write articles about soem new findings etc.

    My website will be TechPaste(dot)com . how do I proceed. Is there any freeware software's available for this purpose.
    Please let me know your thoughts

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    phpbb, woltboard, etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by quantumphysics View Post
    phpbb, woltboard, etc...
    yes. I am use to PHPBB, simple machine and Joomla but all are like forums with threads.

    What I wanted is like ask(dot)com look and feel. simple but effective.

    No need to create threads etc. Just put your question and select your category and wait for answers. I would like it to b more like a blog than forum. I have plans to run forum too but front end should look like a website not a forum. for forums I can use phpbb, simple machines but dont know what to use in case of a blog type website like ask(got)com type look and feel.

    In simple I want to encourage all visiting users to post a question or solution to some question with out logging in to site.

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    I think I would like to have some software where I can do something like pastebin(dot)com.

    Can Anyone tell me which base software to choose and what is the addon to use on top of it.

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    You could always program up your own solution or hire a developer. It wouldn't be too big of a job to get a simple ask, and answer style script up and running. After all, few database tables, bit of validation and a simple front end could be done in a day or two. More features may require a bit longer.



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    I got few software's which can achieve the same.

    i don't want to code as I am the only person now and I am holding 10+ websites already, so don't have time to do it from scratch.

    If I search FAQ & Knowledge base software's in Google I get few. Right now I am checking them. If you have something nice then let me know I will check that first.

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    Any more suggestions??????????

    I want more user interaction with my website like the stackoverflow(dot)com

    Please suggest ?!!!!!!!!!!!!
    waiting for replies

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    phpbb and SMF are free with a lot of plugins and themes available

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