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    Managed Windows VPS Recommendation


    I am looking for a managed windows VPS with control panel (if possible smarter bundle).

    So far, I can only find solarvps & softsys. Is there any other recommendation?

    Budget is around US$150 maximum.

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    Hello, recommended
    Affordable & Reliable Web Hosting Solutions in Bahrain !

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    You can also check . They are good with windows.
    Specially 4 You
    JoneSolutions.Com ( Jones.Solutions ) is on the net 24/7 providing stable and reliable web hosting solutions and services since 2001

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    Hello Sir,

    I want to suggest you they are good in their work, try them

    Thanks in advance


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    Just want to say that Windows VPS deals are really stable and trustworthy. And you budget will be enough to have a decent VPS from them. - is my web site.

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    for smarter bundle, I had good experience with ************ before but they no longer in business.

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