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    How Infographic sites help for SEO?

    Infographic sites have good page rank and I would like to get link from those sites kindly tell me how to get link from that.

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    if you using those sites try to analysis if they are relevant for your niche so that it will be worth
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    You can get links from these sites via link exchange, blog commenting if these have blog embedded in it. Besides it, you can go for paid links as well.
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    If you don't find link for any site with any way then just try to get paid link, the paid system is one of then best way of getting link of relevant and quality site with time consuming process.
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    I believe that such sites are relevant to any website so backlinks from it would be quality I think
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    When you want a link from info-graphic website you need to write some thing very unique and compelling for example in wiki. Others websites like blogs needs good comments.
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    In most cases the kinds of info-graphic websites, blogs and portals act like references guided for people surfing the net, looking for information about paths, routes, business ventures, commercial entities and internet world rendered to them in visual and graphics shapes and no wonder those entities are having high PR and possibly very great web ranks because they act the same way as Wikipedia is currently operating in the cyber atmosphere.

    Apparently, managers of those portals sometimes are employees of very big organizations and educational offices governed by companies or even governments and if your website or profile contains some valuable information, about the same niches and issues already talked about by their sites and then you get in touch with them directly and ask for some links, they might consider the option as even such links may not be purchased often.
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    Info graphics on *your own* site work especially well for SEO as a link bait.
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    Just do link trade and initialize a thread about your requirements. You can either do link exchange or buy links depends on your budget. Some sites lik will really helpful to contact those who offers links in info graphics and I want you to please contact those and get links. I think there is no other way to get links from those sites.
    When I queried about it, i found it is useful Also don't forget to query Google and there i have found a lot like that. All the best.
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