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    Zencart category section loads very slow after switch to VPS

    So i have a customer who is currently on one of my shared servers, and i recommended that he upgrade to a VPS because he has almost 1 million inodes. Because of that i had to take him off daily backups.

    Anyways, restored the cpanel account on his new VPS and whenever we load the admin>>catalog>>categories section it takes almost 90 seconds to parse the entire page.

    On the shared server it loaded almost instantly...i don't get it. The server is responding flawlessly, iowait nothing. The shared server parse time is about 5 seconds.

    Anybody have any suggestions or had this same experience before? It's running on an OpenVZ container with 768mb dedicated 1024 burstable, on an i7 8 core server with 12gb ram (4 real cores 4 hyperthread). I moved him to a new VPS server with only a few clients on it and still have the same problem.

    We have a template for cPanel VPS OpenVZ accounts that i originally used but i went ahead and rebuilt an entirely new template with CentOS 5 and installed cPanel and configured everything afterwards.

    I even rebuilt with easyapache making sure to include all cache modules and everything that was included on the shared servers.

    To go even further i even copied the config from MySQL (/etc/my.cnf) for the VPS....

    Still having parse issues. Anybody got any ideas about this? It has completely stumped me and one of my highest level i know a lot of it has to do with the admin backend of zencart being legacy, but it still shouldn't take this long.

    And as im sure most people know, most clients only know and care about what they see, so as far as this customer is concerned, when he was on the shared server it took 5-10 seconds to parse the page, when he moved to the VPS which took his cost up almost $50/mo more, it loads slower. To him it looks as though the VPS is slower than when he was on the shared server.

    I've tried all the tweaking i can and still can't figure it out. Anybody got any suggestions or ideas? I'm at the point now where i will pay someone if they can figure out the problem and fix it for me. This is a very important customer as he has many accounts with us and more to come (he is a web developer). I need to keep this guy happy, someone help please!

    Thank you!

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    TBH, I'd expect the VPS to be slower than shared, all other things being equal, but not by much - to get the difference you describe something must be wrong.

    I'd be looking closely at mysql. With large datasets and less memory available in the VPS it may be writing temporary tables to disk. Or perhaps some of the tables got corrupted in the transfer, needing a repair. You could install mytop and see if that shows anything unusual.

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