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    How much is too much? (Backups)

    Well, I was curious as to what you think is too much when it comes to backing up your billing/support databases? In addition, how often do you actually backup your billing/support databases? And how many different servers and different geographical locations do you backup to? I believe that losing even one near pointless ticket due to an outage is too much.

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    nightly here.

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    Web Service billing system - twice daily
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    Telecom billing engine system - every 5 minutes (soon to be moved to instant)
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    We back ours up daily and retain for 6 months. It might be a little excessive but I come from corporate IT so like we always say....... backups, backups, backups!!!!

    But we also do this for our normal daily backups for our clients sites also.

    We also backup to Chicago and Jacksonville.

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    The more often you can and how long you can keep them the better. So if you can afford to do it hourly and keep them for a year then do it. If you can't then every 12 hours or whatever. The more often you do it the less data you're going to lose if there is ever a problem requiring you use the backups.
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    We backups ours daily
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    Daily rsync and weekly FTP backups.
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    It really depends on how often you want to keep the backup. If your content doesn't update frequently, the frequency of backing up won't really increase the cost of space, but will ensure you have every possible backups. I would prefer every tables of the database is backed up every hour.
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    Most people do dailies, and keep dailies for a week, then keep monthlies for a few months. Most of my customers are ok to lose a days worth of data if something happens, as they will still have the records around on that day to recreate it, so you have to look at how hard would it be to restore the day's transactions if you do dailies and lost that day.

    You can do the analysis for yourself pretty easily if you take an economic point of view as well. If you look at the incremental amount of data it takes to to each backup in local and whatever offsite storage costs you would have, and then compare to how much it would cost in time (and downtime) to reproduce that lost period.

    If you're in a high-transaction business, it might be best to actually do a real-time replication, if it's a low-volume, high value business, you could backup weekly. . .

    Just make sure you set up the backups soon!

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    Never is too much, when I operated a web hosting company a few years ago I ended up doing backups every 30 mins. I had a software which was all synced up and on auto-pilot. I did hard copy backups on personal computer once a day. I then kept all the files on a few servers locked up tight. The backups were deleted monthly.

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    Daily here...
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