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    Hi I'm new here.

    So hi, I'm new here, you can call me Burr.

    Anyway I saw this website when searching google and I saw that there are some small jobs people can do and get payed for.

    Anyway I'm really good with Photoshop and I know some CSS and a bit html.

    So yeah, I'm pretty much here to offer my service for a small price.. ^^;

    Also I was wondering, is there a section for graphic, I mean if someone is requesting help to make a new website layout or such?

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    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    Thank you, I was just wondering which sections didn't increase post count.

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    Welcome aboard to Web Hosting Talk!

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    Thank you

    So are there any suggestions towards what section I should start getting my first 5 meaningful posts in?

    I mean I'm really interested in Graphics.
    I'm in art school.. ^^;

    Also I'm not to familiar with Java codding or PHP. So any suggestions?

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    You can post in web design and content for one.
    If you wanted to talk about some graphics software, computers and peripherals would do.

    All we ask is you don't post "fluff" to reach a goal.

    Oh, and welcome to WHT!

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