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    How do i host an email server?

    I need an email server with a capacity to send out about 10 to twenty thousand emails a month. How would I go about setting up a server to do this? What software would be needed and what kind of connection would I need (I have been told that a regular cable ISP or any residential ISP would not let a person use there connection as an email server). Thanks

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    Look into a service like or

    If you want to send out unsolicated emails be sure to learn about Can-Spam Act laws and you will need to get a dedicated server that can handle your resources. You may want to look into or

    I wish you the best of luck!

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    well this is going to be very tricky subject as I can see. first let's start where your connection your ISP or Internet service provider more than likely has port 25 to close where that is the main port needed to host an STMP server so let's start with this usually our Internet service providers offer a higher quality package most of the time to businesses the package that I have is called boost it gives me 15 on upstream and 30 on the downstream all that means is that you have enough bandwidth to send out mass messages so the next thing is going to need a pretty decent server, servers can actually be made out of home computers I would say the best OS otherwise known as operating system that you should use is linux probably the Red Hat breed centOS now software wise you might want to go for something like Webmin which is free and extremely easy-to-use

    if you have anymore questions feel free to ask

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    I would suggest you sign up an Email plan directly with some service provider.

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