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    Encoding text

    A little new to C++ programming, so if I use Visual Basic to code a C++ program and add a Text label, will anyone be able to change the text in the executable with a hex editor, and if so, can I encode the text in something like Base64?

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    That's going to be a giant NO. The compilers and library linkers for Visual Basic and C++ are vastly different, as is the entire approach to programing. You are either programming in VB or you programming in C++. They do not mix and match.

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    You're both right!

    As centauricw said, C++ and VB are completely different languages. You can't use VB to write and compile a C++ program.

    That said, yes, someone with a hex editor could edit text strings in applications generated by VB or compiled with C++. Encoding the text would indeed "hide" it from prying eyes, but it would still be editable in a hex editor (as would be the entire application), so for your purposes, yes, encoding the text would "protect" it.

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    Well, some text in the executable will be cleartext because it's added by the compiler (mostly error message strings) and that won't tell you a lot about the program anyway. But as sea_otter points out, you just "hiding" it. Anyone with a hex editor, or really a disassembler, and some determination can crack your code, though this an advanced skill.

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