Founded in 2004, Host The Best develops and deploys innovative software solutions for web hosting providers and internet users. Some of the products they offer include HTB Remote Backup Lite, HTB Online Storage, HTB Monitoring script, and HTB WHMCS Module.

Most consumers are worried about three things, privacy, security and business verification. However, you donít need to worry anymore since the introduction of TRUSTe is set to change this. Security seals mainly verify that your websites uses adequate security measures by checking your website at regular intervals for obvious vulnerabilities. You will be offered the ability to create accurate and consumer-friendly online privacy backed by the TRUSTe seal.

With TRUSTe, you are assured of your expectations of safeguarding your personal information meet, Federal State compliance, with regards to online privacy regulations, as well as Google AdSense and Yahoo store guidelines pertaining to privacy policy. With this business seal, it will prove validity of the physical business address, email address and phone number, in order to ensure that your business is real and legitimate.

When clients see these seals and logos on your website they get a sense of security and thus they feel relaxed to carry out their business transactions on your website. They also feel safe and protected against dishonesty and fraud usually present online. Just like with many website verification services, TRUSTe is out to offer your customers the assurance that you need and are looking for when visiting a website, thereby increasing confidence and hence improved business results.

With TRUSTe, your business will be taken to another level of marketing where you will be offered increased transactions and higher average order value as well as improved marketing and lead conversion, completion and quality.

The Internet is slowly changing in a way that it has impacted the way business is done on the web. This change involves marketing demographics combined with advances in mobile and wireless technologies. Presently mobile devices are considered to be the target for new marketing efforts.

Most websites wonít work on a mobile phone; they are slow to load and hence wonít offer the right experience for the on-the-go-customers. However, with goMobi you can make your website accessible on mobile devices easily. You will also be able to turn a large number of mobile users into customers within no time. With goMobi you are assured that you will be connected with customers anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

You will be sure that your customers will get a good mobile experience with the tailored mobile experience that works on almost any phone. With goMobi website, you will turn your business around with sites that are easy to update, a mobile marketing experience that is simple and easy to use, and you will also be able to turn mobile users into customers with one tap.

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