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    IP Reputation

    Anyone know how to easily (or efficiently) keep IPs clean for email marketers, especially through Senderbase and Cloudmark?

    I'm saying without having to pay for services like Returnpath.

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    One man's email marketer is another man's terrorist. I can't help but think this topic is somewhat taboo for this board.

    Anyway, isn't that the client's job?

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    What andrew is trying to say is that your gonna be classified as a spammer in anyway you present your *emailing*.
    'Ripcord'ing is the only way!

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    A great way to keep your ips clean is to not tolerate spam on your network. Follow up on spam complaints quickly; if the complaint was for something that was not actual spam, be sure to reply anyway, and try to provide proof that it wasn't spam. If there is actual spam going on, be sure to follow a strict policy of not allowing that kind of thing.

    Aside from that, make sure that the reverse dns for the ip matches the server hostname, and make sure the forward resolution on the reverse dns hostname also resolves to the ip. Make sure your senders are using SPF records and domainkeys. And then of course sign up for any of the applicable whitelisting programs for any of the major email providers (aol, hotmail, yahoo) as appropriate. Don't send out too many emails from a given ip until the major email providers are used to seeing that much mail from that ip.

    Of course, all of this only helps if you're sending legitimate mail. Following all the best practices, and then sending spam anyway, you'll still get those ips blacklisted. So the best way to keep the ips clean for "email marketers" is to make sure those email marketers aren't spammers with a fancy title.
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