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    Complicated service, new user

    Hello, I'm fairly new to web hosting and the languages that go with it, (php mostly) I am trying to develop a website that will upload images, then using an exe file on the server do something to them automatically, then post the results automatically. (service to help photographers out) I have a basic php page that was given to me. The upload page just uses a form to pass the info to the php file "uploader.php" which looks like this
    PHP Code:

    $copy copy($_FILES['uploadFile'1]['tmp_name'],'down.jpg');
    $copy copy($_FILES['uploadFile'2]['tmp_name'],'front.jpg');
    $copy copy($_FILES['uploadFile'3]['tmp_name'],'left.jpg');
    $copy copy($_FILES['uploadFile'4]['tmp_name'],'right.jpg');
    $copy copy($_FILES['uploadFile'5]['tmp_name'],'up.jpg');


    "Waiting 2 seconds...";

    then test.php was originally this, but I want make it work on all machines and don't know how...doesn't even work on our server as far as I know. I put it up to our hosting service and it doesn't work. (I've changed permissions and all that and it still doesn't work.)

    PHP Code:
    ("CMD /C vpano.bat back.jpg down.jpg front.jpg left.jpg right.jpg up.jpg");
    the bat file just passes everything to the exe file

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    whats the error that you got..?

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    I figured it out, the server I was hosting on is a linux server, not windows. I'm fixing the problem by getting my own server and running windows server 2000. Alternatively, there is a linux version of the program, however I don't know how the system call would work for that, so instead of messing with it and ending up violating ToS with my current hoster by putting up a foreign program, I'm going to just host my own server. Thanks for your help though.

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