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    How to change URLs to new address?

    I have a free blog website like

    I want to park a new domain(e.g. on my main domain(e.g., to allow users to use the new domain as well as main domain.

    Now, I parked the new domain on main domain via cpanel but when I open the site with the new domain, all links and blogs in the main page are still using the main domain.

    How could I change links and urls when a visitor uses new domain?

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    Use relative links.
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    I think you didn't understand my question
    check this url:
    now check the new domain that is parked on .com domain:
    you see that all links are still .com not .net

    I want to change .com links to .net while someone looking at .net domain.
    for example >>

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    this will be so as the site url and home url will be hardcoded in your DB, I assume you are using WP.u can set a redirect but you cant alter the hardcoded URL in DB.
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    Better you set a redirect from .com links to .net links.

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