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    Merchant Accounts

    Hi Everyone,

    Do you think that offering merchant accounts to users would be beneficial or do most users feel more comfortable using PayPal or Google Checkout?

    Thanks for your opinions!

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    Hey Kelly,

    I'd offer them all if you can. Some buyers want to sail through a secure order form, others have Paypal accounts with money in them so they'll want to use that, and others like the Google name for checkout.
    If you do a straight shopping cart, make sure you have SSL security and that your gateway is PCI compliant. Those kind of logos can help with buyer confidence. Some buyers have lost their PayPal password or don't have an account, so it's a good idea to give them options.
    Niles Bentley
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    My answer is obviously a little one sided working in the payments business, but in reality it's more about how efficient and comfortable you can make the checkout process.

    A base paypal account that takes the user offsite is intrusive (I'm sure nobody will disagree with that). If you can use the full paypal solution that gives you a proper gateway that is better. I'm not very familiar with google checkout.

    Here is the most important point to keep in mind: Even if you get a proper merchant account you can still have a poor purchase experience for your customers. (For example, I'm absolutely not a fan of forcing a user to register before they can complete a purcahse. I think osCommerce used to default to this, don't know if it still does).

    Just look at your checkout process. If your customer can speed through it without thinking twice, and if it's consistently branded and clean, then you should be in reasonably good shape.
    David Goodale
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    Thanks for your input!

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