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    do i need set hard disk boot priority ?


    with gigabyte g41m-es2l,i install centos on it.

    i installed two seagate hd on the board,and install system part on the hd connect to sata0 port and another one to sata2 port,
    after installing and reboot into os well.

    and i install two wd hd,connect wd 500g aalx to sata0 and install system part on it,and connect the 2nd hd wd 500g abys to sata2 port,
    after installing and rebooting,it can not load os well and show with grub> to let me to type command.

    and i reboot into bios and check and "hard disk boot priority" setting,it shows the order
    first one : wd 500g abys to sata2 port
    second one : wd 500g aalx to sata0
    and i need to change their order to get working and load centos well.

    i want to ask,as default,will the order set as sata0 port to sata3 port(from min to max)? or by hd produced day ?

    becuase i install seagate hd without getting the issue,and only this time with two wd hd get the issue.


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    It depends on the motherboard. It's a good idea to set your boot disk anyway.
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