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    Looking for a Quality Managed VPS

    I'm looking for a managed VPS or cloud service provider in the US.
    I may also need SQL replication and scalability, so perhaps cloud is the way to go. PHP and MySQL support is required.

    I would prioritize support and support response time over cost at the moment, so please give me some good suggestions.

    I've dealt with a few host providers in the past but they have never seemed to deal with issues (e.g. where the server becomes non responsive to pings) on their own until I actually contact them. This is unacceptable and I need a managed service where they actually have proper monitoring tools and do something about it when the server goes down.

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    That's a tall order,
    SQL Replication
    Full management with full monitoring


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    Expecting support to actually be support :-) Nothing you are asking is unreasonable and in fact shuoldn't be too hard on the budget. Submit a simple quote request from the host you are considering website. This allows you to judge support knowledge and response time.

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    Often, you'd better look for quality over quantity. People tend to forget that hosting does not cost alot.
    Paying a little more is nothing compared to the troubles you save yourself. Don't buy in for the cheap deals and you should be fine.
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    You want Onshore or Offshore..

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    Do you have a budget in mind for getting this up and running? As for the host having the monitoring tools and doing something if an issue comes up, again not asking too much. They can also provide you with MRTG graphs so you can monitor the CPU and Ram usage, connections, etc. Makes things easier to monitor.

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    Check out the VPS Offers Section - some great providers there.

    If you want the extreme coasts, I'd go with ServInt, They have locations in LA and DC. I have heard nothing but solid reviews about them.
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    I can attest to SerVint. - WordPress for all of us

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    Do you require any location in the US? West coast, central coast, east coast?

    I noticed you never mentioned a budget as well. Do you have any budget in mind or is the sky the limit?

    This will help point you to the right path.

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    Any decent managed provider should be able to handle that for you. Where abouts in the US do you need to be? What's your budget?

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    If money isn't an issue, you could always hire an independent management firm to take care of your systems.

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    hmm where do you need the VPS to be? onshore or offshore?

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    You can try wiredtree, they provide one of the best support I've known so far, where I have received a notice of downtime within the minute.

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    I would recommend you Geekstorage's VPS services. They provide very good support, price/quality is perfect as well.

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