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    SMS program software(web app)

    Am looking for SMS program software(web app), I want to sell SMS for my users (clients), I would like to know if you have Script for sale with full features as.

    - Fully branded under my site name.
    - Create unlimited users
    - Set my own pricing
    - Assign Sender IDs
    - Create Resellers - Sub-Resellers
    - Provide API to my users
    - Ability to send binary, Unicode and EMS-mms messages.
    - can be linked to many gateways.

    - The price will be set according to the country(network)
    - The clients will be count for the price and quantity of the SMS.

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    This is a script that I could design for you in a few days. If you would like to discuss specifics please PM me. I have made a similar system in the past.


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