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    How does Apache work?

    Can anyone provide a good step by step guide to how Apache works? Like how do download it, installation, what to do once installed... Specifically a really detailed guide as I have no idea what I am doing and am trying to learn how to run my own web server on my computer. Thanks

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    I really hopes the below given blog will be helpful for a beginner :

    It's a complete installation of LAMP in which Apache installation is taught in detail.
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    The apache official site offers huge resources. you should look there.

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    Mike visit this link :

    Here you will get some useful tips for Apache.

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    Apache is free and it's used by the great number of web masters.
    It's rather easy in management comparing to Zeus, for example.

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    Thanks For the information Guys ..

    I was just Searching for How apache works And found your thread ..
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    You must know that Apache is the HTTP server,It gets the HTTP requests and answers with the HTML code. To generate HTML on server side PHP is used.Once the Apache HTTP server gets the request for the page with php, It calls PHP interpreter to generate HTML, HTMl is send back to the client internet browser.PHP has got an access to MySQL DB via several APIs.
    That is how it works.

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