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    Web hosting on mac

    I've created a test.html file within the Sites folder on my mac, running OSX snow leopard. Apache is enabled. I can access the file within a web browser at All seems good until I try to access the site from the web. I've got port forwarding set up on my router to sent all requests to 80 to port 80 on I've got a forwarded to which forwards to my IP address. I can't access the file from the internet. I've tried and Any ideas of things I may have done wrong?

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    Can you access it with your outside IP address?
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    Nope :-( I've confirmed dyn dns is set up to forward to my ip.

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    Your ISP blocks 0

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    Quantum is probably right, your ISP is probably blocking port 80 to keep people from running web servers. I'm sure if you look at your agreement (or call and ask) they'll probably tell you that you need a business class internet connection to be able to host a server or they may want some additional fees.
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    I'm on comcast in CA. They do that? My use would certainly not be business in nature. I want to be able to sync omnifocus & iCal.

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    Doesn't matter. Comcast is also one of the worst companies to use if you want anything resembling running servers

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    Well that sucks.

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    what's the address you used to access from the web?

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