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    * YardVPS fraud check issues

    hello guys,

    I am just wondering if any of you had any experience with YardVPS as I placed my first VPS on 29 May & second VPS on 30 May and everything went through OK. I got the login information right after I made the payment via a debit card that is from EntroPay if anyone of you familiar.

    Everything went working OK until today, I got 2 emails from them which stating that both of my VPS got suspended and they mention that because my IP & location I am placing the order is different thus they need me to scan my driver license / passport as well as the credit card used to pay for the payment.

    I explained to them via ticketing system that they opened up, saying that I am unable to provide the debit card scans because it is a virtual debit card provided by "EntroPay" (Google it) but hours after hours (about 3 hours +) and their respond was

    "You'll need to provide the scans or the VPS will be terminated and transactions refunded."

    I am being cooperate but they don't seems to be keen to cooperate and work with me. I'm just hopping someone from YardVPS would come in and clarify this.


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    Just provide them with a screenshot of your Entropay card. You should be allowed to mask all digits on the card (including CVV code), except for the first six and last four digits.

    Surprising that their fraud team wouldn't know what Entropay is. Maybe they want you to print out a screenshot if your Entropay card and scan it?

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    I had a VPS with them and never had any problems.
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    I've uploaded a screen shot of the EntroPay debit card as part of the verification and still awaiting for them to update me on the status.

    I have no issues with them, it just the verification part got me thinking...

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    Entropay cards are issued in Malta or Gibraltar, which means that in their fraud system, it shows up as you using a card from a completely different (and possibly very far away) country. It just means that their fraud system is quite poor or that they are inexperienced with online payments.

    They might still be a good VPS host.

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