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    $200 Off WHMXtra Owned Licenses!

    See below for all current specials (sale ends June 10, 2011 at midnight EST):

    Enter the coupon code "blowout" and get $200 off any Owned License you order, never pay for renewals!

    Give your customers over 160+ tools to secure, repair and manage their servers all on their own, freeing up your techs time for more urgent matters and saving you money in reduced support costs.

    Includes several firewalls, 32/64 bit FFMPEG installers, ddos protection and many more features. Installs with a single command!

    Feature list Here

    Online Demo is located Here

    Orders can be placed Here

    Questions: Please submit them Here |
    12 cPanel Skins, 52 WHM Skins, 12 DirectAdmin,
    60+ Plesk Scripts Linux & Windows & 70 cPanel Auto-Installers

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    Now that makes WHMXtra a much more attractive deal

    I have used it in the past but the pricing was just way too expensive to use all the time!
    Great job guys..

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