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    Question Limiting VPS bandwidth

    So I recently obtained a VPS after messing around with SSH and Linux for a month. I'm no computer novice so don't noob-friendly your posts please.

    Since many VPS providers, including mine, charge money for bandwidth overages, which might become a huge problem with attackers, I'm looking a program/service to limit my bandwidth, like to disconnect/shutdown my VPS when it hits a certain amount of bandwidth transfer. I have CentOS, but I'm willing to switch Linux OS for something that offers this. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Does your VPS provider offer a control panel such as SolusVM? If so then it would work out easier to simply monitor your usage, then shut down the VPS when you're getting close to your limit.

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    As John said, your provider should really have monitors and alerts running for bandwidth, obviously all have different policies.
    Some say it's up to you keep control your usage, some help you a little with alerts and notifications.

    Anyway to answer your question simply, it could be a simple option to install some sort of control panel (Webmin for example) this could provide you with some shortcuts and also give you some nice stats.

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    Thanks for the help, but I'll just stick to limiting bandwidth in Kloxo.

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    you can write a linux shell to stop the service once the bandwidth is over the limit and start it after such as 5 minutes.. there're many sample codes on linux forums.

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    ^ E-RING, you get a gold medal. Exactly what I need.

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