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    Free or Very Low Cost VPN

    For some reason, my Internet provider is prone to having routing problems. There are occasions when some sites are reachable but others are not. The problem can last for 24 hours. When I'm trying to reach my reseller host, it's a problem.

    If I get a new IP address, the problem is usually bypassed. To get a new IP address with my cable account, I have to change the MAC address on the router. We just installed faster service, and I cannot find a way to change the MAC address, even though I have full access to the router. I was thinking that a VPN might be a good way to at least investigate the problem and provide a short-term solution.

    There are several VPN providers on WHT. However, considering how infrequently I would use the service, I would like to pay less than $40 per year. I had a free VPN account a couple of years ago, but the company went away, as most of the free ones do.

    Two questions: First, what is a good way to get a different IP address? Is a VPN a good way to go? Is there some sort of proxy service that would work?

    Second, can someone recommend a free or very low-cost VPN?

    There is nothing nefarious about my objectives. Privacy is not a concern. I'm just looking for convenience in not having to drive to another location to test when the problem occurs with my Internet provider.

    Here are the VPN services I've found. If you have any recommendations for or against, or if you know of cheaper or free services, please let me know.

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    you could try ultravpn , its free
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    TOR would be my first bet. Free. And I think open source too. It's slow b/c of the multi-hops (TOR is for privacy) but it's useful too for testing our web design & troubleshooting techinical issues from different IPs.

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    Have a look at BuyVM, they can offer a VPS to run a VPN off of for $15 a year.

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    Lowendbox has a bunch of cheap VPS offers, then you could install openvpn on them

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