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    * My Dropbox Clone (Open source) using SVN

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like your feedback on a new opensource project I'm working on:

    A file sync tool for Windows that works just like Dropbox... The kinda silent but deadly accurate sync that happens automatically between many PCs.

    I figured SVN would be the best protocol for it and I put it up on Google Code (both source and simple binary download for Windows)

    I need people to try it and make suggestions / get feedback.
    You need an SVN server to test it out. You can get free ones from Google or Assembla although they are public.

    Existing Features:
    • Real-time file change detection.
    • Only uploads part of a large file that changes- fast!
    • Uses any SVN server, so it supports encryption.

    Known Issue: SVN gets permanently pissed when a file is deleted during a sync operation, so you need to still know SVN to cleanup after that. (Coming soon.) Note: the sync is designed to trigger about 20s after a file is modified, so the likelihood is low, but still.

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    Awesome work, mind if we fork this for some internal stuff?
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    Sure the code's right there... I can add you to the project if you like, just send me your Google ID via PM.
    Have you had a chance to try it? For me its working great but I'm really curious about feedback.

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    So, correct me if I am wrong, this is essentially a front-end for SVN?

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    Great idea Cyman, I'll download and take a look.

    Out of interest, does anyone know what protocols dropbox use?

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    1. Yes, it is essentially a front-end for SVN. I specifically want this to run on any standard SVN server, so anyone can use it.
    NOTE: Don't use it for programming tho! It uses SVN but it automatically commits and doesn't keep log files! It also doesn't merge. Again, its designed to sync using the SVN protocol, like DropBox. (DB also doesn't merge)

    2. I am somewhat convinced that DropBox does in fact run on some variation of SVN.. Their icons look a lot like TortoiseSVN's.

    3. Ya I saw SyncAny.. It does look like good work, and I strongly considered helping them instead... But:
    (1) I think it will be a long time until they are stable. Their architecture is more ambitious. My goal is to build on top of an existing, stable open-source architecture.
    (2) It's based on Java, which is great to code in but heavy to run. [ Yes, even heavier than .NET ]

    But, to be honest, if SyncAny beats me to the races then I'd be happy! I think the ability to support multiple protocols is really cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyman View Post
    2. I am somewhat convinced that DropBox does in fact run on some variation of SVN.. Their icons look a lot like TortoiseSVN's.
    I am somewhat convinced that Counter-Strike runs on some variation of AOL Instant Messenger... Their icons look similar.
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