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    Looking for a serious partner (project manager)

    I am an experienced web developer. I have a lot of experience in many different technologies:

    - PHP (OOP,CodeIgniter)
    - MySQL
    - HTML
    - CSS
    - JavaScript
    - jquery
    - Photoshop (basic level,PSD->HTML only!)

    I would like to develop my personal script for sale. Purpose of the script is not important,I am just looking for a good idea.
    I am looking for a partner who can create plan for the script,I would do the programming part. Once the script is completed,I would give the license to my partner so he can resell it as well. There is also an option for sharing salary while the script is being sold on one site,or we can sell the script independently... That person has nothing to lose - I am not asking for a plan of the project in advance,we can go step-by-step.

    There are no financial investments because I can do development part myself(which is very expensive part). Considering that I can't do the design,we might have to pay designer to create PSD but I am also willing to pay that myself. Partner who knows to do the design is more than welcome

    I also have experience in payment gateway integrations (PayPal,Authorize.Net,MoneyBookers,AlertPay...) so we can implement it if is required for the script.

    I don't aim to steal someone's idea - it can also be something that already exists (PTC script,VoIP software,Office maintenance script...) but you must be very familiar with that kind of scripts so we can create custom script with some interesting features and so on...

    contact email: [email protected]

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