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    What should me server specs be for a solusvm mater

    People are telling me that it isn't wise to have the master and slave on the same box.. I already have a dedi box for the slave to host the vps's but what are good server specs to host a solusvm master on?? Or can I get away with using a vps?? What do the wht world recommend??

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    You can most certainly did it on a VPS. I ran a 500 VM setup off a pentium 3 with 256MB RAM.
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    yeah, you can certainly run the master on a VM. Just make sure it has enough resources available to it. "enough" will vary depending how many clients you have, but if you're just starting off with one VPS node and a few clients, a fairly low end VPS should work fine.
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    I'm going to have about 30 clients on the slave.. The vps is 512mb ram 600gb bandwidth on xen servers..

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    A 512MB RAM VPS should be sufficient for you.

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