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    Flowroute / ICall

    Any experiences with either of these 2 providers? Specifically with LNP orders? Want some feedback before I start porting over numbers from my primary provider which I'm trying to move away from. Thanks!

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    While obviously my perspective is different from a customer's, I'd be glad to offer you some insight into our processes. LNP is the number one frustration of new customers.

    The most important point is to make sure the CSR matches what the carrier has. If these are through a reseller, odds are it's not your information on the account with the underlying provider. A bill copy helps with this, but knowing the name and zipcode the reseller has on their account certainly goes a long way if at all possible to obtain.

    Often times if the number is owned by Level3, XO, Global Crossing, or another common VoIP carrier the process is quicker because we work directly with these companies. For ILECs, our port time is generally around a week (sometimes less). Smaller CLECs are a bit longer.

    I'm not sure if you already have an account with us, but if you do, please PM me your info and we'll do a test port for you for free.
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