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    I'm Looking for a reseller hosting provider

    I'm looking for a reliable company which can provide me reseller hosting at affordable price, maximum uptime guarantee and unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Please recommend one!


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    You can check out Reseller Hosting Offers

    but make sure you always research and read reviews about the company you wish to go with


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    Quote Originally Posted by fahdi View Post
    I'm lookin for maximum uptime guarantee and unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Please

    Do you know Unlimited doesn't exist? Existing host offer unlimited are mostly unreliable.

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    Again I see the UNLIMITED stuff coming out. What is it that people do not or could not understand? Why are they so easy to manipulate?

    1. Since when did anybody in the world come up with an Unlimited Hard Disk Drive?
    2. How could bandwidth be Unlimited? There's always a limit to everything, Unmetered - YES but not unlimited.
    3. Anyone would would offer you anything which is Unlimited is totally lieing to you or would most probably be packing the server with more people than it could really contain. That's because they will sell it to you and everyone else cheap but they have to get a lot of people in order for them to really cover the cost of their server.

    Again I would like to stress the point that the 3 words that is totally unable to go together really well are:


    Those three words if combined in a sentence or maybe a paragraph will at most of the time spell disaster.

    All the best in your search OP, but please keep in mind what I posted here. It's an advice which you will thank me for later.
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    I would highly advise against using an "unlimited" reseller plan - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    you might get unlimited problems with 'unlimited' hosting plans, so stick with the ones that have good reviews and those who trick others with the unlimited fancy stuff

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    As others have mentioned, 'Unlimited' does not exist and any host 'offering' this is usually an instant Red Flag of lower grade services (Not always, but usually).

    With all do respect, I would suggest doing a bit more research into the matter before trying to provide a service to clients. What you will learn is that *most* clients require less than 500MB of actual storage, with it being rare that someone actually requires 5GB+ in a shared environment. (Of course these are generalizations, we have Shared clients much larger than that too but most are rather small, even those on our larger plans).

    You'll find that these 'Unlimited' providers are often much more restrictive on content and resource usage than anyone else. They'll cap upload speeds to discourage the use of uploading large files, they'll have strict inode limits, they'll suspend you without notice for high resource usage, etc. This is most certainly NOT the way to enter the market.

    In all honesty, a Reseller offering you 10-30GB of storage is much more than you need to get started. You don't need to offer insanely oversold or false packages to succeed in this industry, so long as you provide the client with realistic resources and great support.

    Just some things to think about. I'd suggest doing a bit more research here on WHT before jumping into anything or choosing a provider.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fahdi View Post
    maximum uptime guarantee and unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Please recommend one!
    I would say, why expect miracles from something that is near to impossible to happen.. I would suggest, raise your budget, go with a non-overselling host and get decent uptime and server performance..! Reliable & Secure, Managed Web Hosting since 2003
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    Quote Originally Posted by fahdi View Post
    I'm looking for a reliable company which can provide me reseller hosting at affordable price, maximum uptime guarantee and unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Please recommend one!

    I think the important thing here is for you to establish exactly how much diskspace/bandwidth you might actually be using? if you are just diving into the web hosting industry, then any entry level reseller web hosting package will fit your needs just find.

    Like many have stated here, "unlimited" is just a sales gimmick and its usually a red flag that the service you are purchasing might not be all that reliable (especially in the reseller department).

    If I were you I would focus more on going with a company that is reputable and offering realistic web hosting plans (not overselling). Overall you will end up having a much better experience and so will your clients.
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