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    DNS Question

    Hello All,

    I would like to know if you have a domain name, and get hosting for it from two different hosting companies (one primary, and another as backup if primary goes down the backup hosting's page shows something like: "Down for Maintenance").

    In this scenario how would the DNS work e.g. if I enter:


    So if the primary server is not down, I don't want the site to get resolved on ns3 or ns4 as I don't want to show "Down for Maintenance" message when primary server is

    working fine.

    So basically I want to know how the DNS system work, does it always resolve ns1, then ns2 and if that does not work ns3 and ns4, or it could be any random order based

    on DNS servers settings?

    Hope I explained right.

    I am posting this here because I think I am going to get much more professional responses from here.

    So any help will be really appreciated.

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    Okay never mind.

    Apparently its not possible:

    "Requests are spread over all the nameservers with no preference for the first and second."

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    I believe you have to have a dns server. So you'd point your domains to the nameservers for that DNS server and then the DNS server would decide where to route the traffic.

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    depends on how each ISP looks up and the name server resolutions from each geolocation
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    For your requirements you may want to take a look at services like DNSMadeEasy, which will allow you to set different IPs to point to when your primary IP is down.
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