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    Exclamation Prestashop Theme Setup/Mods

    I'm looking for someone who is experienced with Prestashop (v1.4) to setup a theme I have and make minor changes to it.

    I'm using the latest version of Prestashop, I'll provide both the logo and theme I'm using.
    You are required to intergrate the logo into the theme, make minor changes to the theme and remove unnecessary modules.

    You can work on our hosted demo or use your own servers (however you must transfer to our server once completed).

    This is very easy work and shouldn't take too long to complete, I'd normally do this myself but am far too busy travelling for awhile. This would suit someone who wants some quick cash.

    I don't expect this to take longer than a few hours so..
    I'll pay $50 via PayPal.

    Note that my opinions are my own, in no way do they represent the company I work for

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    hey im interested i can do do it for around 40

    which is only about $35

    email me

    ashley at

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