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    Angry Mochahost review - 35 days using VPS perfetto package

    OK, purchased Perfetto 1 VPS package with cPanel/WHM on 22.04.2011. Order went OK, few hours later my VPS was online and running. At this point everything looked OK.

    Next day I noticed that only one IP address is delivered with VPS info, so I asked for the second one. Soon received answer that they do not have second IP address for me because they are short on usable IPv4 adresses, and Ill have to wait for one... At my question how long will I have to wait, no answer. So I had to tell them that Ill have to cancel my order and move on if they do not provide whats promised on VPS packages description page. Few hours later, second IP address was sent to me.

    I also noticed in Solus VPS control, that it says I can use 1Tb monthly bandwidth, while package description page says "unlimited". So I ask support for this discrepancy, and they say that Solus cant show unlimited bandwidth. I was not too happy with this, but did not had plans to use more than 200Gb monthly for some time, so left it as it is for now.

    At this point started to finalize VPS for production, prepared nameservers and done testing, invested $70 in good hardening... VPS was working more or less ok, with sporadic extreme CPU loads generated by someone who was abusing node.

    One week after the purchase date, VPS started to have serous problems with node CPU overload. CPU's was from time to time on 8, 10 or even 12! load which caused my only site on VPS
    (domain used for nameservers) to perform very slow, and click on any WHM link required 5+ minutes to show anything. Checked via SSH if this is my load, but my VPS was calm, with only one domain and was not generating almost any load. So I contacted support and asked them to check this. They asked for tracert, which I provided, after that they answered this: "we've made some optimizations on the server your VPS is hosted. Please check if your VPS server is working better now." And it worked OK for few days.

    One week later, serous CPU load issues arised. CPU load was again extreme, which caused my VPS to be almost unusable again. Contacted support again, and they told me that problem is resolved. Went to my VPS, but CPU load was even higher than before. Contacted them again, waited 12+ hours for respond - they resolved the issue. Tomorrow same thing, huge CPU load, my VPS unusable. SO I contacted them again. They resolved the problem. Two days after this same thing, again contact, few hours later they resolved load problem...

    At this point, it was not looking good. Every 2 or 3 days I had to contact support to solve extreme CPU load that was not mine, I was unable to use VPS due to this load...

    In last 10 days I was with Mochahost, VPS went down (shut down!) 4 times. All by itself, no reason for this, with sporadic huge CPU loads... Asked support to tell me whats going on and do they plan to fix this, but they never managed to answer me on this! Only thing I saw was generic: "I am sending your request for further investigation and processing. I will update this ticket as soon as I have more feedback or a solution for you. Thank you for your patience and business, have a great day!"

    Last time I contacted them before I cancelled VPS, they gave me some credits (few bucks and 10 days prolonged billing due date). So, they will give you credits for something that actually do not work!

    I finally requested VPS cancellation with refundation, but since I done that 33 days after the initial purchase, I lost right to be refunded (30 days refundation policy).

    Summary: Invested $25 for VPS at Mocha, invested $70 for hardening, invested huge amount of time for preparations/setup - and lost ALL this! Their support often answering generic, and sometimes answering lies. This is not hosting, this is VPS nightmare! Stay away!

    And to finalize, there might be some of you who might say that I got what I paid for. But this is not true. On the same day, 22.04.2011. I purchased one more VPS with Same price range as Mocha, but a bit bigger VPS package. And it works like a champ!


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    You are not only Disappointed person from They have no sense of doing business and have the Most Rude Support also. Their servers are alwasy down and on inquiry they can never satisfy you. They are always saying "We are working", "Its nor related to VPS".
    I had a reseller and VPS in the past and was the worst host I have ever seen. These reviews can tell you more about them. Stay away from him.
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    Thumbs down On the same boat

    I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who is really disliking mochahost! Well to briefly describe my situation, here is how it goes.
    After some research I found that mochahost was the host that met my requirements. They had cheap VPS plans and had cheap Clientexec and Cpanel Licenses. I signed up for their Perfetto1 VPS package and honestly sign up was a breeze and my VPS was set up rather quickly. Well, everything was going good until I saw that only one IP address was assigned to my VPS. I contacted support and they told me to justify why I needed the second IP and I gave them my justification. Soon after the second IP address was applied to my VPS. So, for a day or two everything seemed perfect. I installed everything I need and things were going smoothly. But for some reason access to my server was very very slow! I mean I only had 2-3 websites running and it was slow! Well to cut the long story short, my VPS shut down many times and quite a heck load of downtime. Once I contacted support when my downtime was just getting ridiculously annoying and they replied 3 hours later saying we don't see anything wrong next time please contact us immediately! Um, I did!

    Mochahost seems to be a good host but with my experience I cannot recommend them! I'm thinking of migrating hosts and am in process of finding one. I am fed up of having a terrible experience with a VPS host. I mean if you are going to do business then do it properly!

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    My friend, I am also another disappointed one. Mochahost is Worse people.. do not choose them... you will end up in trouble. They will suspend your account by saying there are virus in server.. but never activate. And they will ask you $50 per hour to reinstate.. stay away from this fraud.

    So I recommed good companies, do not concern about price. You will get good product.

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