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    Thumbs down Fraudulent Company - STAY AWAY!

    I would like to take the chance to advice everybody to stay away fromn - a hosting reseller company based in the Philippines.

    Its owner is Adrian, also known by his handle aED. Besides re-selling hosting he also does offer custom programming work.

    I did hire him for some programming on my SMF boards and paid upfront - which was a big big fault.

    Adrian would not deliver the work.

    At first he came up with the common excuses like illness etc. preventing him from completing the job. Then he would just disappear from the scene for almost a year

    I kept on cheking the website - as you can imagine the live customer support did remain offline during this periode.

    When I made a posting on his own SMF board regarding the issue he finally had the dignity of getting back to me just to tell me he refuses to give me a refund.

    Hence I can only warn everbody to clearly stay away from this one man gang show.

    I do not want to imagine what it would be like to get my sites hosted by this guy who will be unreachable for years and not do what he gets paid for.

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    Yikes, sorry to hear of your bad luck!! I think that you probably could have received a refund through your payment processor though if you hadn't waited a year (??)

    As far as making payment upfront, this is kind of standard. Unfortunately it's just as easy for the customer to scam the provider if this policy isn't enforced. Typically a 50/50 kind of deal is put into place which appeals to both parties.

    Again, so sorry to hear about your bad experience. They're not all bad though, keep searching for the right partner in your venture!
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    Good you have posted so more people wont be cheated! - Linux|Windows
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    Thanks for your sympathy guys. Well, this has been a sad lesson for me. I understand the position of a vendor who is affraid of delivering a product and never getting paid for it in the end. Hence - having faith in other people - I was not hesitant to pay upfront. I did even pay more than originally agreed uppon as I thought this helped to establish a good business relation.

    However I can nowadays only advice people to file PayPal claims / disputes within time and not to accept a never ending line of appologies and delays.

    I "only" lost about USD 300.00 but what really scares me is the idea of my site being hosted with them. Just imagine your site is down and your host ignores you for months!

    There are really great programers and hosts out there. is sure not one of them and while my money and time is lost maybe it helps others not to fall into the same pit.

    Nowadays I carefully do research my business partnes and WHT helped me to find a great host. Hence I think it is important to view the good news and bad news with other customers.

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    u should have made 25% payment and then asked for the developed portions before paying further. But its ok now, bitter moments, but good experience for u. (btw, even i've lost some money bcoz of such people)

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    Yes, that's true. Sometimes one unfortunately has to take a lesson the hard way. Sad but true ...

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    Programming, web designing, etc... are mostly get easily scammed because of the way you pay it.

    Anyone can do this and it is recommended not to pay the person fully until it is completed. It can happen also the other way around. Search here in WHT and you will see a lot...
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    you should sign a legal form in using their service and make sure you CAN get the service by reading people's experience/reviews.

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