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    Netriplex (Asheville, NC) Server Temperature

    Could you guys share what is your average server temperature at the Netriplex Asheville, NC data center.

    I'm aware the CPU usage and different hardware affects the server temperature, but we have compared 2 identical servers with almost exact CPU usage, and there is quite a bit of temperature difference.

    So I wanted to see what temperature you guys get on your servers at Netriplex data center.
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    What your temperature in server?

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    Your asking a question which will not give you results that you cannot act upon.
    The layout and airflow of each clients cabinet will affect the temperature their servers run at.
    If you leave space between servers, have holes on top of of the rack without blanking panels, etc... your servers will run hotter as you are letting the hot exhaust get recirculated into the cold intake of the servers.
    That is the clients responsibility to get manage inside their rack.

    You need to ask the datacenter to provide you with the ambient air temperature in the cold row where your rack is located. That is what they are responsible for providing at an adequate temperature.

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    +1 sometimes just installing blanking panels on your cabinet (greatly helps if your neighbors also use them) you can get huge reductions in temps.

    I have seen a hot spot near a 1U opening in a nearly-full cabinet drop 5-10c just from a single 1U blanking panel.
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