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    Im in a muddle on domain name

    Hi all

    So i run a forum and when runing the keywords through google keywords tool ( domain name ) i see that it has no competition and no global monthly searches.

    So my question: I have another keyword i can use ( still good for my forum ) and when running this through google keywords tool it shows me low compeition though 246,000 searches every month.

    So would it be worth buy the domain name and pointing it to my forum to use with my already have domain name? basically i would have 2 domains for my forum.

    Would this be any good? would it harm the forum?

    Hope you can help

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    Forwarding a keyword rich domain name to your existing site will do nothing to increase your Google ranking or your traffic. You would have to develop a website for that keyword rich domain name, have it rank in Google in it's own right - and then have a link on that site to your main site. IMHO your energies are better spent developing your main site for that keyword. If you want to get that 2nd domain name then use something simple like Tumblr or Blogspot that make it easy to add content. A related debate on SEO forums is whether to put a company blog on the main site or on a second site. I believe the majority opinion favors putting it on the main site and putting your SEO efforts into one site.

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    I suppose if you install 301 redirect on your new domain name you will improve SEO on your main domain name and you will be able to get more visitors.
    This is technique is not new and I suppose that will drive some profit for your main domain name for sure.

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