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    Question Do we need to buy pay prior buying domain names?


    I am wondering whether signing up for bulk registration cost us less while making domain registration or what?

    I have been dealing with some local registar who has been acting as agent of domain name registar who resells us domain name count in bulk so that we can register the domain name any time from our account.

    I searched alot place but found almost every registar charing USD $10/Year for domain registration of ".com". But my local registar has been providing same service at USD $8/Year. Its quite good for me. As business rules they wont be providing service without profit so they must be getting it in less price.

    So would like to know where and how can i get domain registration service in low price? Does we have any service of purchasing certaing no of domain registration account for some price?

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    Domain cost for Resellers is cheaper than buying them as end user. So if you are in hosting business, want to sell domains or if you yourself are registering lots of domains, it's better to get a domain reseller account.
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    $8/Year is a great price for .com. The base price to registrars (like Godaddy, Enom, or is $7.52 per .com - then they must add their overhead and expenses. It costs tens of $,000s to become a registrar. You're best bet for lower prices is to become a reseller for or

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    If you go with Godaddy you can get your 1st year (.com) domain for like $7.50 with their coupon code FAN3. That code never expires and it's for (.com) domain registrations. Just google Godaddy discounts and you'll find a list of them. After the first year though I think you have to pay full price.

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    Your local registrar may be selling other products and services to you, so he can afford to sell domains at a low rate.

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    What you may be looking for is a slab based package. These are designed specifically for resellers. Try opting for a registrar that offers domain reseller accounts just like what Vinayak mentioned.

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