The VPS Reseller. Expand your business and sell virtual private servers without the headaches and funding of your own VPS nodes. Solid Network with outstanding uptime and guaranteed 24/7 support for you AND your clients.

How it works?
You pay one monthly fee
Recieve your unique resller ID
You resell as many VPS as you like for the same fee
You get 25% RECCURING discount on our allready low prices
You can choose to forward your clients support questions directly to us!
Choose how much you sell the plan for
You keep all the profit!

The Technical Stuff
We have three locations for you to choose from;
UK, Manchester. Synergy House DC
US, Portland.
EU, Netherlands.

All our nodes are connected to 100MBPs ports minimum and ride fiber to our multiple premium bandwidth providers. We use openVZ as our virtualization platform. Our nodes have a minimum of 4 cores & 8-32GB of RAM. We never oversell or overload our servers, thats a promise. We carry a 99.9% uptime SLA with account credit for downtime.

The Plans
All our plans can be found at where we have an upto-date stock list. But heres an example;

512MB Dedicated RAM / 1024MB Burstable RAM
1200GB Premium Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IPs
Hosted on our US, Portland Nodes

Usual Price - 8.00GBP Per Month
Reseller Price - 6.00GBP Per Month
RRP - 12.00GBP Per Month

You can quite easily double your money on each sale.

The VPS Reseller
Was 25.00GBP PM, Now just 15.00GBP PM!

Email us direct - [email protected]