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Thread: Is enotch died?

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    Is enotch died?

    I have a OpenVZ vps with them for a long time, and was not really upset about it. However now it is down for days. Even the is not accessible any more to submit tickets!

    So just out of curiosity, anybody knows what happened to enotch?

    A few days ago, I tempted by their colo offer (30Mbps in NYC for $59 !) ,so I had communication to get a server coloed. After 10 days of back and forth querying, they "assigned" me some IPs but at last they did not provide me with a shipping address. Thank goodness it did not happen.

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    try to contact them

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    I guess they are practically out of bussiness and do not care about what else is going to happen to them otherwise they should have given some notice/apology/explanation.At least they should have allowed us retrieve our data

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