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    colounlimited or gorack ? give your vote


    colounlimited or go rack ?

    i am going to start with one of them both give good pricing but this is not enugh , want ask who try one of them or both who can provide better support in case of hardware failure or network issue.

    colounlimited seems cheaper in bandwidth for that who need more than 100 Mbps , and gorack provide full rack for $160 withour power and bandwidth and they sell power for $14 / apm.

    when contact sales for both of them i find gorack much faster in answer and seems to be more cooperate.

    now need you ideia please.

    Thank you

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    There seem to be 2 threads already where folks are duking it out between ColoU and GoRack.

    I share a rack at GoRack with one of my buddies who lives down in Jax. Even so, there was one time last week where I asked GoRack for KVM to be plugged into one of my servers and it was done with in just a couple of minutes, it was on a weekend too I think, no hassle no haggle. Then I asked them to plug it into another server next day (Sunday I think), done in a couple of minutes. No remote hands fee or anything.

    Their network is also decent, currently their mix is not that great (Level3 and TWTC) but we have a gige uplink and I was able to push very close to Gige, I believe 631 mbit, I think my file was too small or else Im sure it would've gone higher.

    For the record, I've never been colo'd at ColoU but when asked for remote hands etc their pricing was fairly high and they also charged for racking servers etc. What that tells me is they are going to nickel and dime you for anything else in the future, that doesn't fly with me.
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    I've dealt with GoRACK for a few years now and am very happy with them. Support is excellent and they go above and beyond to help out. Their new ticket system is nice but I normally call them up when I have an issue and they're quick to answer and help out. I've had my share of hardware issues and they've been very accomodating (at one point when they had no KVMoIP options available they hooked up a crash cart to my server and pointed the camera at the monitor while I walked them through what I needed over the phone).

    Very friendly and very professional staff with a solid infrastructure (not 1 minute of network downtime since I've hosted with them in early 2009).
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    I recently moved a single colo'd server to another provider after having been with GoRack for about 18 months, but not because of any problems I had with them. I can't really say that I had to have any substantial interaction with them during my stay there - I experienced no outages, packet loss, or other issues that needed attention, and for me they were pretty much "out of sight, out of mind", which I suppose is about the highest praise one could give a DC.

    Last year Joytel/GoRack moved their DC into the building occupied by the Jacksonville branch of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank, so even though their mix could be a little bit more diversified, at least no one's getting into their DC without a small army.

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    Well I am going to have to vote for ColoUnlimited mainly because I have been in their DC for about 6 months and have experienced zero downtime.

    I also called them up on New Years Eve at about 4:30am because I rebooted the server and it didn't come back up correctly, but the tech that answered the phone within 3 rings gladly walked over to my server and hooked up a crash cart and was my eyes and hands.. He worked with me for about 30 minutes or so and we figured out the issue and resolved it and I was never charged for it. They usually do not charge for issues that require less than 15 minutes.

    Funny thing is I live in Jax so GoRack would be very nice to be in as I could drive over and work on the server myself if I wanted to.. I think at the time I was looking GoRacks pricing was more than ColoUnlimited's.

    But I will give it to GoRack as I do know the building they are in and like Steve P said you would need a small army to breach it.. Its very well built, but my only concern with it is that it is very close to the St.Johns river.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DedicatedIT View Post
    But I will give it to GoRack as I do know the building they are in and like Steve P said you would need a small army to breach it.. Its very well built, but my only concern with it is that it is very close to the St.Johns river.
    Yeah, a small army would be required to get into that place...

    It is close to the river, however, it is not within the 100-year flood plain. GoRack is also on the second floor and further has a raised floor, so it would take a hell of a flood to get high enough.

    I highly doubt the Fed would build a facility without ensuring it can withstand a natural disaster. Curtis and I were talking a few weeks ago about the building, and it is quite clear the Fed likes to have what-if meetings

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    Ah ok .. I was not aware that they were on the second floor.. That does help then

    If GoRack only has a mix of Level3 and TWTC then Colounlimited has a better blend. Granted most of the routes to Jax usually go across Level3 or MFNX to Atlanta before hitting Comcast back to Jax.

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    I've also been with GoRACK for around 2 years if I recall correctly. Those guys are professional and do a great job. Always accommodating when you need something done. GoRACK rarely charged for remote hands because they bundle 1 hour of free remote hands per month with most packages so if you only need their help once in a blue moon, you'll probably never get charged!

    While the bandwidth blend doesn't sound as good as ColoU, I doubt most would notice since Level3 provides a lot of clean connectivity via their own peers -- multiple carriers is mostly for outage prevention and the TWTC link does a fine job there. I also find that TWTC has good peering with Comcast giving good connectivity to the largest American ISP as well as great international links. I have a lot of site visitors coming from China and those connections almost always come across TWTC with totally respectable latency.

    I wish I could compare to ColoU for you personally, but I've been pleased enough with GoRACK to stay with them for so long. All of my other service accounts are VPS based in other datacenters so I never deal with colo related chores in those.

    Good luck with your choice,

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