I am dying to speed up my site. I just purchased (gs) hosting with a cdn on media temple and I am....confused... about my results.

The good news is that to me the site loads faster and I can see through webpagetest.org that my cdn IS working...

But using yslow and other web tests its showing my cdn ISNT working.... plus that i should be doing other things like making fewer http requests, add expires header, java at the bottom...blah blah

also it shows my site uses gzip.. but only 5 items are being gzipped

I have a wordpress site in one directory and a vBulletin 4 forum in another directory on the same www.com. I am using w3 total cache plugin. it supposed to be minifying some things for me.. but.. anyway.. like i said up top.. im confused

Here is the job,

I want someone to configure my server stuff (and anything else) to maximise my wordpress site using gzip, .htaccaess, cdn, litespeed, add expires headers or whatever it takes to maximise my small site.

So if you have experience using with the technologies i mentioned, feel free to pm me here or email me at [email protected]

please include in the PM

technologies you recommend for me and your experience using such technologies.
if you have experience using MediaTemples gs sever and procdn.
And your fee to perform the one time task for me.

for example if you say you will add expires headers for $20... but another guy says he will implement litespeed, gzip and do other things for $200.. the overachiever gets the job

PS.. if you can actually EDIT and configure my wordpress theme I will throw in a bonus. The premium theme i bought of themeforest.net has js codes for video and galleries among other things that i just dont use and would like to have them ripped out to speed up the coding.

I wil forward you the money through paypal before I ask for any of the work you have done. (this means i will favor users who are reputable on this board and have been here a while with good feedback)

looking forward to hearing your ideas

btw.. the site is http://www.bootcamp4me.com

let me know of ways i can improve it!