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    Exclamation Awesome VPS provider needed


    I'm looking for some good provider like ServInt or HostGator but unmanaged. What do you recommend for me?

    Ruy Rocha

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    KnownHost is good. I run couple of sites on them

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    What are your requirements (location, HDD, traffic, RAM) and how high is your budget?

    Quote Originally Posted by jeja7676 View Post
    KnownHost is good. I run couple of sites on them
    He searches for unmanaged solutions.

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    If their plans fit your needs and budget, Linode is brilliant.

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    What constitutes 'awesome' for you? I assume you're not seeking budget services, but something of a bit higher quality and reliability?

    There are a lot of great providers out there, but if you let us know your resource requirements (like suggested above) then we can help point you in the right direction!

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    Let the other member know more about your requirements and budget.
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    It is imperative to know your budget prior to making any recommendations. Please share the same.
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    It's all about the budget.
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    Based on Servint and HostGator's price levels for managed services, 6sync's unmanaged VPSes may be worth a look.

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    6sync's benchmarks are awesome indeed.

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    i would recommend : , and

    i've been with them for more than 6 months.
    please cmiiw always

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    Quote Originally Posted by WickedFactor View Post
    If their plans fit your needs and budget, Linode is brilliant.
    This is my choice for unmanaged Xen VPS because of speed and price.

    Don't discount reputable providers that offer managed VPS like KnownHost. You must use CentOs but it's your choice to have them manage your VPS or not. A little more money but VPS speed is very good.
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    Linode is brilliant

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    +1 for linode
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    i would deifinetely propose becasue htei offer basic management of VPS for the actual price of the VPS..

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    For the UK I would recommend
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    I need some company like (their XEN/KVM services are great) but US based.

    Sorry, I've forget about Linode - really. They provide a great service. Never heard about 6sync. Will try them.

    I love the cheapness of burstable resources but you cannot run any small biz if there is a chance to become unavailable due to others' abuse.

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    I would recommend Linode. They have been working very well for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WickedFactor View Post
    If their plans fit your needs and budget, Linode is brilliant.
    Linode recommended
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    Giga-International (amazing uptime, amazing support, amazing ram, amazing hdd space for your money) - but no interface for billing, support, live chat, tickets or anything

    Other than that - Infinitie

    ServInt is too expensive for what it offers when you can get 4 times the ram and hdd space and 100 times the support elsewhere. (We do host with ServInt still but thats only because we're too lazy to move elsewhere).

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    I'd recommend QuickWeb. They've got some pretty nice locations / deals.
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    I only have good things to say about Linode. So, you can add another vote for Linode...

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    If you are looking for cheap vps with great people, I think you can try

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