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    VPS XEN - how much rum usage for kernel and modules?

    XEN offer me the option to use own kernel and load own iptable modules. How much additional RAM does it use? At Openvz it's used on the VPS node and not on the customer machine.

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    It depends how many vps you going to have. For ~10 vps - 768MB RAM for main node.

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    I'm asking about the customerside - not node side.

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    On my 256mb KVM VPS, I have around 249mb available to use, and the difference between what free -m says is used and what all my apps use is less than 5mb.

    My KVM VPSs use a whole lot less than the OpenVZ ones when running the same things. (40-50mb on KVM, 100-120mb on OpenVZ)

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