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    Friday updates = Murphy's law

    mmm on Saturday morning you will go out with some friends to the beach to drink and have some rest, but you decide to update servers on Friday? have you been on this situation, no? well don't do it!!!
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    LOL, that's right. I'd also add not to do that simple 2 minutes thing when you're in a hurry, it'll turns out to take hours

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    Haha, I love "doing that little thing" that you left for the end of the day, and then you end up digging yourself into a whole that runs 'till 2am lol.
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    most "trouble/problem" came on weekend while almost supports went offline.
    imho, it is good to let someone standby for it, just like buyshared staffs does.
    please cmiiw always

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    Right, don't make changes when you're not available for support.

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