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    Looking for a reliable UK Cloud host (Managed) - CentOS 5.x + cPanel WHM

    Hello All,

    I'm currently looking to migrate my US VPS to a reliable UK Cloud host (or VPS) - Managed with the following specs:

    OS: CentOS 5.x
    Control Panel: cPanel WHM w/Fantastico
    Memory: 500mb min (ideally 1gb)
    Disk Space: 20gb min
    Bandwidth (if VPS): 500GB+

    My budget is $35-$40/month, any recommendations? Not sure if I can get a decent cloud configuration for that? I have a cloud server with storm on demand for another project which is great value for money but they only have US data centres

    Any help or recommendations are much appreciated, thanks in advance
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    I think offer cloud hosting on UK servers. I do not have personal experience with them, however they are known for their other web hosting solutions, and if they offer cloud hosting, it must be something good as well.

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    Shop around, there are several cloud providers now with facilities in the UK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boskone View Post
    Shop around, there are several cloud providers now with facilities in the UK.
    Thats certainly not helpful as im sure the OP already knows this?

    have you had a look at Fasthosts? They do some cheap VPS/Cloudy stuff.
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