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    Help think of a name - will pay if there is a winner!

    Been trying to think of a name for quite some time and I am picky when it comes to names for businesses . So here is what I am going to do. If someone can recommend a good name they will get a quick $5!

    A good tool to help you out: "I am not affiliated with this site"

    must be .com
    must not be longer than 10 characters
    must be memorable

    What the business does?
    It is a portal for Freelancers, Hosting, Domainers, Developers, Programmers, SEO

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    Thanks to Andrew a name has been found.

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    What was that name that has been found by Andrew?
    Did you send him a quick $5 (by PayPal transfer)?
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    Moved to the employment forum, since the lounge can't have offers of payment in it.
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