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Included with all servers:
  • No setup or upgrade fees
  • Upgrade to hardware raid for only cost of additional drives
  • 24x7 monitoring
  • Remote reboot port
  • KVMIP access.
  • 100mbit switch port
  • MRTG graphs
  • 20G Backup space on remote location
  • Monthly billing with no long term commits
  • Up to a 15% discount depending on billing cycle
  • Not a reseller. We own all our own equipment.

Need a faster CPU or more ram? Have a specific raid configuration?
If none of the below base servers meet your needs contact us for a custom configuration.

Upgrade to a 15k 146g SAS, 10k 300 gig SAS or Intel 80 gig SSD for only $25/month

SPECIAL: Upgrade to 2x146G 15k drives and a hardware raid card for only $50/month

1u Xeon 2.13 Quad Core
CPU: 1 x Xeon Harpertown Quad 2.13 GHz L5408
Ram: 4 gigs DDR2 ECC Registered
Hard drive: 40G Intel SSD or 500 GB 7200 RPM Seagate Constellation SATA
Transfer: 3000 gig/month
Onboard kvmip optional ($12.50/month)
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1u Xeon 2.4 Quad Core w/ onboard IPMI/KVMIP
CPU: 1 x Xeon Lynnfield Quad 2.4 GHz x3430
Ram: 8 gigs DDR3 ECC
Hard drive: 500 GB 7200 RPM Seagate Constellation SATA
KVMIP: Included
Transfer: 4000 gig/month
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1u Dual Quad-Core 2.13 Ghz E5506 w/ onboard IPMI/KVMIP
CPU: 2 x i7 Xeon Nehalem-EP Quad-Core 2.13 Ghz E5506
Ram: 12G DDR3 ECC Registered
Hard drive: 1x146gig 15k SAS or 80 gig Intel SSD or 300 gig 10k SAS + 500gig SATA backup
KVMIP: Included
Transfer: 5000 gig/month
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1-888-785-JOLT (5658)
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