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    Exclamation Help me for windows hosting

    Hi there,

    I have about 400 domains and I want to host them with a dedicated server.

    I will use two dedicated servers with 8GB or 16GB memory.
    I will install IIS and control panel in One of server and another will used for SQL Server 2008.

    Please advise
    1- OS : which edition of windows we should use ?
    Web edition does it work ?

    2- SQL Server 2008 : web edition is sufficient ?
    3- Control panel : I would like to use websitepanel
    4- Firewall ?
    5- Anti virus : We use this server for hosting only . Should I install any antivirus ?
    6- Recommend any company for manage windows servers ?

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    Difference between Web and Standard is that Web is basically for Web Usage only. That means there's no AD, no VPN and etc. But has everything else that you will require like DNS, and IIS. SQL Server Express is also available for use on MS Server 2008 Web.

    SQL Express takes till about 1GB per DB so if you're not using anything which is heavy on the DB, then you should be good with SQL Express.

    WebSitePanel is totally fine to use. In fact, we are using it on quite a few Windows Servers that we have. It just has to be configured correctly and everything should be fine with it. Nothing which is wrong with WSP so far.

    Firewall could be managed by Windows Firewall. It's quite a good firewall to tell you the truth. In the servers, Windows inbuilt firewall is quite complete so you should be ok with that as well.

    As for antivirus, you could use ClamAV. Its quite effective. We do use that as well. There's not knowing what files might get into the servers and get executed unknowingly. So an anti-virus would definitely be a good thing to install.

    I really don't know many companies which is doing Management for Windows Server. It's not really something which is used much in the industry. For some reason, Linux is prefered(FREE). LOL.
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    I think if you are do web hosting, do get the licenses from an SPLA provider, they are also in a better position to advise you on your requirements. Do let us know your experience with websitepanel

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    Use Windows 2008 IIS 7.
    Use Plesk 9.
    SQL Web is fine.
    Windows comes with a firewall.
    Get a good paid server edition low-resource AV; the freebies are not reliable.
    EuroVPS for managed Windows servers.

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