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    * $3/M (256MB/500GB/10GB) | $6/M (512MB RAM/20G DISK/1TB BW) | GIGE | INSTANT SETUP!

    All Virtual Private Servers Receive the following:
    • Solus VM Control Panel With Features Such as OS Reload And Reboots
    • Premium Bandwidth
    • Full Root Access
    • Servers with extreme lead way (No Over Loading)
    • Protected Hard drives in RAID Arrays
    • GigE Uplinks
    • Fair Share CPU On Server W/ 8 Physical Cores W/ HT! (16 Total)

    Base VPS Deals

    Guaranteed RAM: 256MB
    Burstable RAM: 512MB
    Disk Space: 10GB
    Bandwidth: 500GB/Month
    2 CPU Cores
    1 IP Address
    SolusVM Control Panel
    Order Now!

    Guaranteed RAM: 512MB
    Burstable RAM: 1024MB
    Disk Space: 20GB
    Bandwidth: 1TB/Month
    2 CPU Cores
    1 IP Address
    SolusVM Control Panel
    Order Now!

    Guaranteed RAM: 1GB
    Burstable RAM: 2GB
    Disk Space: 50GB
    Bandwidth: 2TB/Month
    4 CPU Cores
    1 IP Address
    SolusVM Control Panel
    Order Now!

    Guaranteed RAM: 2GB
    Burstable RAM: 4GB
    Disk Space: 75GB
    Bandwidth: 3TB/Month
    4 CPU Cores
    2 IP Addresses
    SolusVM Control Panel
    Order Now!

    RAM VPS Deals

    VPS - Linux - 1GB - RAM
    20GB Disk Space
    Guaranteed RAM: 1GB
    Burstable RAM: 2GB
    CPU Cores: 3
    Bandwidth: 250GB
    2 IP Address
    Order Now!

    VPS - Linux - 2GB - RAM
    50GB Disk Space
    Guaranteed RAM: 2GB
    Burstable RAM: 4GB
    CPU Cores: 4
    Bandwidth: 500GB
    2 IP Address
    Order Now!

    VPS - Linux - 3GB - RAM
    100GB Disk Space
    Guaranteed RAM: 3GB
    Burstable RAM: 6GB
    CPU Cores: 4
    Bandwidth: 750GB
    2 IP Address
    Order Now!

    ** Available Addons **

    Dedicated RAM

    128MB Dedicated RAM - 5.95$ One-Time
    256MB Dedicated RAM - 12.95$ One-Time
    512MB Dedicated RAM - 27.95$ One-Time
    1024MB Dedicated RAM - 65.00$ One-Time

    Backup Space

    10GB - 4.95$
    20GB - 8.95$
    50GB - 19.95$
    100GB - 29.95$
    250GB - 49.95$

    Control Panels

    Kloxo/LxAdmin - Free
    Webmin - Free
    DirectAdmin Unlimited Domains - 6.95$
    cPanel/WHM Unlimited Domains - 16.95$


    Operating System(s)
    • CentOS 5.5 32/64 BIT
    • CentOS 4.0 32/64 BIT
    • Debian 4.0 32/64 BIT
    • Debian 5.0 32/64 BIT
    • Fedora 10 32/64 BIT
    • Fedora 11 32/64 BIT
    • Fedora 12 32/64 BIT
    • Fedora 13 32/64 BIT
    • Ubuntu 8.04 32/64 BIT
    • Ubuntu 8.10 32/64 BIT
    • Ubuntu 9.04 32/64 BIT
    • Ubuntu 9.10 32/64 BIT
    • SusE 11.1 32/64 BIT
    • Slackware 13.0 32-BIT
    • Owl Current 32/64 BIT



    Is rDNS possible?
    ---Yes rDNS is possible in every location we offer

    Is it really instant setup?
    --- Yes! The only thing that would delay the setup is if your order requires manual review (Fraud). If your payment clears you will recieve your VPS information as soon as you hit the Pay now button!

    What is included in your management?
    --- We offer the following:
    • Software installations
    • Full SERVER configuration (we do not support 3rd party confguration)
    • System Updates (Requested)
    • Compromised Recovery
    • Database/php/mysql/apache Troubleshooting
    • MySQL Optimization
    • PHP Optimization
    • DNS Setup & Configuration
    • cPanel/WHM Updates/setup/general assistance
    • Setting up Backups (User provided space)
    • Much Much More...

    (Note: By default the above plans do not come with this management, You must purchase management separately for $25.00/month)

    What can i do with SolusVM?
    • Start/Stop/Reboot your Virtual Server
    • Reload your OS
    • View VPS Graphs
    • Container Console (If you break the server and/or lock yourself out)
    • Root Password Modification
    • HostName Changes
    • Manage vServer API

    Do you offer upgrades for specific resources?
    --Yes! All of our upgrades are One Time Fee's (RAM/CPU/Disk/Bandwidth) If you do not want to upgrade the pacakge you can request a resource upgrade and only have to pay One Time for it!

    Do you allow VPN and/or IRC?
    --- Yes!

    Do you offer Customized Virtual Servers?
    --- Yes! simply email our sales department and/or open a ticket and you will get a quote in a few short hours!

    ••Contact Us••
    Billing & Help Desk:

    ••Contact E-mails••
    〓〓 Locations: Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami and Atlanta!!
    〓〓 andrew.moore[at]

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    Hi, would you be able to respond to my support ticket #788104 in regards to high latency I/O?
    I'm still getting very slow responses on my VPS:

    # dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=1 conv=fdatasync
    1+0 records in
    1+0 records out
    65536 bytes (66 kB) copied, 15.0624 s, 4.4 kB/s

    Again this doesn't happen all the time, but it does _most_ of the time - makes dealing with the server _very_ annoying (eg waiting 10+ seconds for vim to load up - I'm not even going to go into waits for installing stuff).
    This is not an issue caused by any application I'm running, and I've double checked this with iotop, so it's definitely something else on the node.

    If it helps, I've make a simple script which takes the time given by the above dd command, and ran it on a cron every 5 minutes. Here's a graph of the results for one day:

    I'm not sure about your standards, but I personally think a >1 second response is already very slow. From the 288 samples taken above, 225 (78%) exceed 1 second, so this is definitely not some freak occurance. The average of the samples is 10.3s

    I'm quite aware that this is a cheap server, but I think that most people would expect decent I/O response times most of the time. I don't mind if it does get slow at some points in time, but I would expect <1 second responses most of the time.
    I'm also am NOT expecting top notch support, however, the aforementioned ticked was filed 7 days ago, and I then followed it up 4 days ago, and I haven't received any staff response whatsoever (not even a "we're looking into it" response). The ticked is now closed, and doesn't appear to be resolved.

    Now I'm sure every host has its negative complaints but, trying to be as objective as I can, I'd caution anyone looking to host with these guys. Well, maybe I'm just unlucky and got placed on a bad node, so perhaps your usage may vary ($3 for lowest deal, maybe you think it'll be worth the try). But I really do think many applications are sensitive to such absurd I/O response times; I'm not expecting blazing fast I/O, but when doing anything on the server takes at least 10 seconds, it's just unacceptable IMO.

    Thanks for reading
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