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    VPS for cPanel DNS Only in EU

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a VPS in EU (Preferably Netherlands) that is reasonably cheap, has excellent reliability, and is just a solid VPS.

    This VPS will run cPanel DNS Only, so most likely a 192MB/384MB VPS or 256MB/512MB VPS would work.

    Also, in a situation like this, would Xen make any difference? Because the VPS would be a very low resource usage server, I don't think Xen would do much versus OpenVZ, but correct me if I'm wrong.

    Could someone please provide me with some good providers for this?


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    I used Leaseweb for EU servers.(months ago) Then i switched to usa as most of my traffic was from usa.

    I think Leaseweb has servers in NL too.


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    I know your looking for Netherlands.

    But Burst.NET have some great VPS servers in the UK.

    I have a dedicated server in their datacentre but I have tried cPanel with one of their VPS servers.

    Works fine and they start from 4.99.

    Or %5-%10 cheaper from a reseller


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    OpenVZ vs Xen shouldn't make a difference. As for your location - you can also check the UK offers (since you are from USA, UK will be a little closer network/latency wise to USA). Besides big part of Netherlands is below sea level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rds100 View Post


    Besides big part of Netherlands is below sea level.
    Not to worry --the Netherlands leads the world in water management techniques and we have been doing it for hundreds of years. You are more likely to be flooded out in many other countries than in the Netherlands . .

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