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    Arrow Need advice on cloud hosting for social games

    Hi all

    Were launching a social game on facebook next month and were looking for a reliable cloud hosting provider for the app, bandwidth is an important factor for us, we dont want it to be too expensive because the game is 3D and it will be bandwidth extensive.

    Thanks allot.

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    What is your target area for people?

    UK? USA?

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    USA and Middle East

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    One month is way too short of a lead time to do any meaningful cloud-scale development. You're better off getting a reputable dedicated service provider in both regions with a good bandwidth plan.

    The brutal truth is, you can't scale a 3D game (assuming 7KBps per user) just by going 'cloud'. You need to distribute your users horizontally. Using a cloud infrastructure will ideally let you provision faster to deal with spikes; but realistically, you bottleneck on critical services such as database faster than you can provision so its a moot point. The speed of your provisioning effectively becomes tied to the development time needed to restructure your architecture to meet the unforeseen bottlenecks. If you're only planning on using the new servers as instanced game room servers, and not any central command/control, then a cloud could be useful.

    I personally prefer AWS just because they're easy to spool up, and speeds are reasonable good for USA. Unfortunately, there's nothing close to the ME. You'd have to pick either the EU or Singapore.

    That said, bandwidth is expensive like you point out. I'm personally looking at Voxel next to bring it down a bit. But my primary solution is to use a fleet of dedicated servers and VPSs as the main cluster. Only spill over occurs onto AWS to minimize bandwidth costs.

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