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Thread: OpenVZ or Xen

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    Question OpenVZ or Xen

    I'm in two minds about which platform to choose for my VPS plans. I'm looking for something that gives the best isolation and security and where one vps user cannot take down any other vps user.

    Which option is better?

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    Both can be taken down by an abusive user, with heavy IO, but my preference would be xen based VPS's, had bad experiances with openvz..

    downside is you cannot oversell xen, whereas you can with openvz.

    Good luck with your choice.

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    I thinks XEN is better than OpenVZ. User friendly is OpenVZ and I thinks widely used one is also OpenVZ.

    Good Luck.
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    In that case you want Xen.

    You can oversell Xen though, those providers who tell you its impossible don't know what they are doing.

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    Xen is better ... well supported & very well documented ...

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    Xen virtualization in my opinion is well coded/made

    If you're thinking of having a VPN server xen is better than openvz due to the availability of tun/tap by default on xen kernel

    The probabilities of overselling is higher for openvz

    Also I noticed something while installing DirectAdmin on a xen VPS that it has eth0 not like openvz venet device which in my opinion reduces the errors for some usages of programs that's not cloud optimized yet.

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    Xen will give you more isolation currently at version 4.1, you can install whatever you want, linux, windows, solaris, BSD, etc, and have different kernels.
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    Xen Rocks

    xen rocks allows swap partition
    openvz does not allow
    Xen is like running a dedicated server

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    KVM is Xen done right. If you care about your nerves, choose KVM, as you'll have some obscure problems with Xen more probably than with KVM if you don't have years of experience. I have had lots of bad experience with Xen in the past so I won't give it any more chances. Given that it is now included in vanilla kernel, it is possible that KVM will get some more interesting stuff out of Xen patches as well... I do admit that Xen has some more functions than KVM, but some more problems as well, and I would go for a known and stable solution, that is based on a correct architecture - KVM Xen should just die of age - it is legacy

    As for the topic: it depends of your needs. Nothing will ever compare with OpenVZ in speed until Linux Containers (lxc) is made. It has its drawbacks, though, of course, but if you just want linux and want fast system, choose OpenVZ. Both Xen and OpenVZ can be oversold, and unfortunately OpenVZ is frequently oversold by providers - that gives bad impression of otherwise great technology. It is true, though, that OpenVZ gives less resource separation... especially if provider does not know what he is doing if the provider is proficient with OpenVZ and does not oversell, OpenVZ will deliver best performance.

    And I will second that those providers that say Xen or KVM can not be oversold, don't know what they are doing - avoid them... they are either lying or incompetent, or both.
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    Xen-KVM is the best solution. Why? Great memory and cpu managment (you can easly host java project). Its also good for big projects when high memory is needed.

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    I recommend Xen also due to better isolation, choice of PVM/HVM, swap. With OpenVZ burstable memory approach you may get memory allocation errors for memory hungry applications like JVM.

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    Xen win out for lessly oversold by provider

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    Xen or even vmware.
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